We Proudly Carry OIL-DRI® Absorbents

The following items are regularly stocked for purchase
OIL-DRI® Universal Drum Top Pads
Oil-Dri drum-top pad

Keep 55 gallon drums clean and neat with Universal Drum Top Pads. Strong enough to stand up to any and all fluids that leak from pumps and dispenser cans.
Packaged: 10 pads/box

Oil-Dri® 40 lb. Clay Absorbents
Oil-Dri clay absorbents

Absorbs It is a cost effective, quality granular absorbent. Use on a variety of spills and stains around the shop. Packaged in 40 lb. bags.

OIL-DRI® Compact Spill Kits
Oil-Dri compact spill kit

This kit is small enough to keep on hand where quick response is a must! Includes 15 absorbent pads, 2 absorbent socks, and 1 disposal bag. Use socks to dike and contain the spill and pads to absorb the fluid. Packed in a reusable pail for convenient self-contained storage.
Packaged: 1kit/pail

OIL-DRI® Universal Pads & Rolls
oil-dri middle-weight universal pad rolls

Bonded layers add strength to excellent absorption power. These popular pads can be used for all fluids including oils, acids, bases, hydraulic fluids, and general spills.
100 pads per box.
15-inch or 30-inch widths by 150-foot lengths

OIL-DRI® Garage Guard
Oil-Dri Garage Guard

Protect floors and reduce slippage. These industrial rugs absorb oils, coolants, grease, water, and other spills – and won’t allow liquid to penetrate it’s industrial strength poly backing. Won’t rip or tear – even when saturated!

OIL-DRI® Oil Only Pads Pads & Rolls
oil-dri oil only rags

Oil-only pads are hydrophobic and will absorb only petroleum-based fluids while repelling water based fluids. Can be used on land or water.
100 pads/box
15-inch or 30-inch widths by 150-foot lengths

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