We Are Loeffel's Waste Oil

Family owned and operated since 1929

Nicole provides friendly service

We at Loeffel’s Waste Oil Service are fully committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our rapid response time coupled with friendly and professional service is why over 95% of business is from reoccurring customers.With almost 100 years in business, you can trust Loeffel’s Waste Oil Service to professionally handle all of your waste product disposal needs responsibly and within the laws set forth by the USEPA. Our team of trained employees matched with specialized equipment allows us to respond to your business or residence efficiently and promptly.

We look forward to providing you with this same high level of service that our customers have come to rely on.

Our Team

The friendliest, hardest working people in the oil recycling business

Matt may or may not be a closet comedian; ask him to tell you joke to find out.

Matt Gregorio

Owner / Operator

Mike may or may not have changed a tire using a cigarette lighter and a can of starting fluid.

Mike Zirger

Lead Driver